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Marketing Beauty is more than just a marketing agency in the beauty industry. When creating a concept for a given brand, we use the latest solutions, strategies, tools, knowledge and experience. All this to increase the turnover and reach of the showrooms cooperating with us and to make the marketing effective and efficient.

Marketing strategy in the beauty industry

A properly selected strategy and comprehensive service allow for operation on many levels in parallel, which guarantees the smoothness and efficiency of the brand. This allows you to look at the same goals and problems from different perspectives. Thanks to this, it is possible to implement the assumptions in an innovative and professional manner. Our specialists choose an individual strategy for the brand and implement it effectively, smoothly introducing changes and smoothly coordinating projects to increase their operation in practice.

  • Nowoczesny design
  • Sprawdzone rozwiązania
  • Nowoczesny design
  • Sprawdzone rozwiązania
  • Nowoczesny design
  • Sprawdzone rozwiązania


A website is an essential tool for acquiring new customers, therefore it must be unique. Most of the activities will lead to it, therefore, it must have a beautiful design, answer questions and meet customer expectations, present the services offered by the brand and make it possible to book an appointment. All these elements will be implemented and implemented so that the client has the appropriate responsiveness of the website, which will directly translate into its results.

Social media campaigns

Social media are an extremely important area of ​​beauty marketing. We work in this field with other cosmetic brands and it has provided us with the necessary experience in this industry. We create full communication plans and strategies for actions in social media, and then we manage social media according to them, thanks to which the brand gains popularity and the number of visits to the website.

Kampanie w social media Kampanie w social media

Promotional films

The key to selling anything is audiovisual advertising. To be successful, an advertising video needs to convey the relevant content and evoke emotions in the audience. Whether it's a product, service, person, or concept, we create all videos with the purpose of selling products and services. We deal with the entire process of producing an advertising film from beginning to end. The films in which we explain what the individual treatments are and what is their course are also perfect, thanks to which the client has full knowledge about the purchased service.

Google Ads

One of the many segments related to brand promotion is Google Ads. During cooperation with us, each client receives full substantive support in the field of online advertising. We prepare an online marketing strategy using Google Ads campaigns, thanks to which the customer has full knowledge of the implemented elements and knows the role of Google Ads in acquiring new customers and reaching them when they are looking for cosmetic services on the Internet. Each campaign we create is optimized in terms of increasing the performance and results on the website.

Beauty kampanie w Google Ads
Beauty kampanie w Google Ads Beauty kampanie w Google Ads
Beauty kampanie w Google Ads
Beauty kampanie w Google Ads
Beauty kampanie w Google Ads
Beauty kampanie w Google Ads
Beauty kampanie w Google Ads

Website positioning

In the beauty industry, website positioning is also important. In this case, the most important role is to reach customers who will be willing to use hairdressing or beauty services. We will take care of the appropriate positioning of the website in the search engine so that it can reach the greatest possible reach, thanks to which the customer will be able to easily and instinctively track and visit the brand's website. If a brand is to be successful, its website must be highly positioned to generate profits.

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