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Pozycjonowanie strony z firmą Vreego
Pozycjonowanie strony z firmą Vreego

Effective website positioning

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Website positioning with Vreego Studio Website positioning with Vreego Studio

If you decided to position your website in the internet, it is very important to do it properly and professionally. Use our experience and knowledge to improve every aspect of your website position, we know everything about current Google standards, and implement latest technologies to position your site efficiently and provide individual approach to particular customers. Access to the innovative knowledge about marketing gives us possibility to promote your site effectively.

Every move we make is thought out and safe. Trust us and you will see how positioning affects your company.

Guaranteed safety

Guaranteed safety

Individual approach

Individual approach

Experience of professionals

Experience of professionals

Pozycjonowanie strony z firmą Vreego

Advantages of website positioning "Advantages of website positioning


Dzięki widoczności w Internecie ludzie łatwo zapamiętają firmę, a wysoka pozycja w wynikach wyszukiwania to także budowanie rozpoznawalnej marki oraz prestiż. Klienci najbardziej ufają firmom z pierwszych stron wyszukiwań. Tylko kilka procent przegląda drugą stronę Google.


These days over 98% of population uses Google’s services when searching the internet to find interesting products. High position in the most popular search engine guarantee access to a huge target group and gives opportunity to find your content fast and easy.

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Be one step ahead of your competitors using our services. The more efficient steps your company take the better results you get. Boost your chances to contact the client by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website.

How do we work? How do we work?

Your website will be positioned using the latest methods consistent with Google algorithms. We have our own theme-based facilities, linking schemes and dedicated servers. We attach particular importance to internal and external linking, but we do this gradually in order not to damage the site. Our goal is to position your website for most common searches which are matched to your content. Before any action we precisely get to know about how competitors show up in search results, then adjust your stronę internetową to stand out.

Modern methods

Modern methods

Precise market analysis

Precise market analysis

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

How do we work?

The scores after our optimization The scores after our optimization:



Best practices


Pozycjonowanie strony z firmą Vreego

Progressiwe Web App

Services Services

  • SEO audit
  • Optimization of Meta Tittle and Meta Description
  • Optimization of headers(H1-H6)
  • Keyword selection
  • Redirections on 301
  • Promotion on B2B and B2C portals
  • Checking the page for error 404
  • Site Map XML
  • Checking the responsiveness of the page and correcting it
Logo Google Analytics Google Logo
  • Adding the site to Google Search Console
  • Adding the site to Google Analytics
  • Improving internal links
  • Adding valuable external links
  • Installing Social Media plugins
  • Checking the site for content plagiarism
  • Personalized RE-marketing
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  • Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Complementing ALT attributes in photos and graphics Compressing selected photos
  • Image compression
  • Local positioning
  • Optimization of relevant HTML code elements
  • Testing the speed of the site
  • Eliminating cannibalisation of subpages of the site (if necessary)
  • Whispered marketing
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Be ahead of your competitors and show up the best quality!

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