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Creating professional online stores

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Stwórz swój sklep internetowy już teraz

Zgodne z zasadami UX i UI

dzięki czemu będzie responsywna

Efektowna grafika

która przykuje uwagę Twoich klientów

Rozbudowana funkcjonalność

która zapewni doskonałe wyniki

Wygodne płatności

które ułatwią korzystanie ze sklepu

Intuicyjny system administracyjny

które ułatwi każde zadanie

Responsywność sklepu

dla wygodnych zakupów przez smartfony

Gotowe do pozycjonowania

aby zwiększyć osiągi witryny

Niestandardowe integracje

które zwiększą wydajność każdej witryny

Twoja ulubiona agencja marketingowa

Kompleksowa obsługa

ułatwia komunikację i wsparcie

Doradztwo marketingowe

aby rozwiązać każdy problem

Indywidualne podejście do klienta

Bo każdy projekt jest inny i unikalny

Compliant with UX and UI rules

Compliant with UX and UI rules

Many customers give up shopping when they encounter difficulties in the online store. At this point it should be remembered that they may also include people with little computer skills. To prevent this, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) were created, i.e. key elements in the design of mobile applications and online stores. We offer solutions that are ideally suited to the user's needs and their way of thinking to guarantee the success and efficiency of each project.

Effective graphics

Graphics in the online store are an important element that attracts the user's attention. It enhances long content, helping to convey the most significant information and also allows to increase the number of entries from the level of the image search engine. For this it is worth optimizing images and photos for SEO.

Our team will create a great graphic design that will be professional, functional and efficient.

Extensive functionality

Extensive functionality

A functional online store should be equipped with elements that will make it easy to find the information you are looking for. It is also important that it is structurally similar to what Internet users know and like. The repetition of elements gives a sense of security and allows you to easily find yourself on the website. Our team will design the website in such a way that it is clear and responsive.

Convenient payments

An online store practically can not function without fast online payments. Customers most willingly pay for online purchases using electronic payments, which automatically redirect them to the bank's website or allow the use of mobile payments such as Blik. For customers, it is a convenience and a sense of security, and for the seller, it is the certainty that the funds will quickly and safely reach the store's account. Therefore, online payment gateways are a key element in the success of an online store. Thanks to the partnership with one of the largest operators in Poland, we can offer you a lower interest rate than anywhere else.

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Intuitive administration system

Intuitive administration system

Designing online stores based on an administrative system, in which each user can interfere with the content of their project, is more and more popular. This solution is necessary to run an online store in a convenient and effective way. It is a work tool that must be simultaneously developed and have functions that will facilitate everyday tasks. At the same time should be very intuitive. The whole system allows you to systematically save many hours of work.

Store responsiveness

Nowadays, customers more and more often decide to purchase via smartphone. RWD (Responsive Web Design) is a universal functionality, where you can conveniently shopping even over the phone. To meet this assumption, you need a graphic design that automatically adjusts the size and layout of the store's website to a specific display. All this to increase the comfort of use. The more convenient and easier it is for customers to use the online shop, the greater the chances that they will decide to place an order.

Online stores ready for positioning

Online stores ready for positioning

Website positioning is a necessary aspect in the context of success and profit from an online store. Its goal is to attract as many potential customers as possible. Thousands of them browse the search engine every day in search of interesting products and services. It is important to select key phrases and words that will allow the user to visit your store, which will be ensured by our team, ensuring high performance.

Custom integrations

The projects we implement are created in such a way that they can be adapted to every requirement. Therefore, the structure of the store, its content and the way it operates can be freely configurable in order to better optimize it to a specific website or work system. We implement each project individually, focusing on the client's needs combined with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, which directly translates into the success of the company and the store.

Full service Full service

What does the cooperation look like?

What does the cooperation look like? What does the cooperation look like? What does the cooperation look like? What does the cooperation look like?

Full service

The service of online stores is a service consisting in adding materials received from the customer to the website, news, photos to the gallery or videos. Always up-to-date content on a website is one of the important factors to achieve greater performance. Once an online store is created, it cannot be left unattended by the administrator. Therefore, the client, turning to us, will receive full support at all times and further promotion.

Marketing consulting

For each project, it is significant to properly plan each element in such a way as to ensure the maximum possible profit for the company. For this purpose, we organize the company's internet marketing. In addition, we advise clients at any time, answering all questions and dispelling any doubts in the field of running such a large project as an online store.

Online stores ready for positioning
Online stores ready for positioning

Individual approach to client

Dla naszej firmy najważniejszym priorytetem jest zadowolenie i satysfakcja klientów przy każdym projekcie, dlatego też do każdej realizacji podchodzimy indywidualnie i z bardzo dużym zaangażowaniem. Cały czas podążamy za najnowszymi trendami w branży IT, dzięki czemu możemy zaproponować profesjonalne sklepy internetowe, dzięki którym każda strona zyska olbrzymią przewagę nad dotychczasowymi konkurentami i zdobędzie wielu potencjalnych klientów.

Sky’s not
the limit

Thanks to the use of a proprietary system, we can create non-standard functions and integrations for you. Surprise us with your unique idea and make your store stand out even more!

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