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Short description of the project is a website created for a gardening company in Warsaw. The name shows that apart from gardening services, the company also deals with other works. When creating the website, we took this into account and designed it not only for gardens, but also for cleaning, transporting, designing services as well as other works and home repairs.

Of course, there are graphics on the page showing that it is a gardening company, but they are well inserted enough not to distract and not impose only one topic. We've added the right pictures to the matching task group. The photographs show the professionalism and accuracy of services rendered. Looking through the images on the page, you can see how the work proceeded step by step. The entire site has been personalized for the needs of a gardening company.

 We composed the texts placed on the website. They describe exactly, and concisely, what the company does, its goals and operating principles. We focused on showing the professionalism of the company's employees and described all services in this style. The language used in the content is a simple language. We did not think about using difficult and complicated words, because this is not necessary in this case.


We are very proud of the results we have achieved. The site has been completely organized for Google search engines, the website obtained very large increases (even for 1 search place) for the desired keywords in the Google search engine.


Are you missing something in the appearance of your website? Would you like to change something about it, but you don't know exactly what? Or maybe you just want your site to appear higher in Google search? Contact us and we will definitely meet your expectations.


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