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We have created a website for a person dealing with walking and caring for man's best friends. The site was created for busy dog ​​owners who do not always have time to go out with their pet for a walk. The site has a lot of useful information about whom and under what care you can entrust your friend, thanks to three stages of saving for a walk, this operation becomes very simple. The domain is maintained in a cheerful climate, because dogs are always happy and joyful when they can go out into the fresh air.

The graphic design presents a happy quadruped in a fairy-tale atmosphere. The whole site maintains this style. The portal was created very simply, which allows you to easily move between tabs. We put our whole heart into the design of the site so that it brings profit to our client, and the pets of busy owners could spend a fun time.

In the three-step record that we have created, first you need to choose a service, and then complete a survey that will allow you to personalize the type of pet care easily. At the end you receive an email and a phone with a personalized offer for your dog. Thanks to these three simple steps, you can organize your pet's time without complications or combinatorics.

 We've optimized the page so that it appears in the first pages of the search as soon as possible. The accuracy of the page has a great impact on this, which we don't have to worry about, because our pages are always made perfectly by our specialists.


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