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Short description of the project

The website that we designed and created from scratch for Mrs. Ania is primarily used to present the wide range of the hotel for animals and to contact potential customers. Recipients can read reviews about the hotel, the quality of care, the qualifications of petsitters, find out more about topics related to animals and more.

Website layout

In the graphic design of the website, we used joyful, colorful colors and friendly, funny graphics depicting dogs and cats. In the main page view, we are welcomed by an animation with a French bulldog licking the screen. The doggie immediately draws the attention of the recipients and encourages them to continue browsing the site. A website designed in such a way arouses the interest and pleasant feelings of users, while still being professional and legible.

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A customer using the Best for Pets website can check the services offered, the price list and book an appointment via the contact form. The owner can easily add articles to the blog, update prices in the price list, add opinions to the website, post and update photos in the gallery or add diplomas obtained by petsitters.

Website content


At the very top of the site, there is a large, functional menu bar that allows the user to navigate the site quickly and easily. It contains the "Best for animals" logo, links to social media, as well as easy navigation through all categories and subpages that can be found on the website.


Immediately below the animation with the bulldog you will find services offered by the hotel divided into categories with simple graphics and descriptions next to each of them. Then we placed a photo of a happy puppy, next to it there is an information about the owner of the hotel, which we can expand by clicking the "Learn more" button. Below this section there are some hotel figures that make the hotel even more trustworthy.


The "Gallery" section is a place to post various photos showing, incl. caretakers with pets, playrooms, trips to the forest and many other interesting attractions. The owner can quickly and easily add or change the displayed photos in the admin panel.


We have also added a gallery of diplomas obtained by petsitters, which also proves the professionalism and qualification of employees and adds credibility. Immediately below it, a slider with the opinions of customers who have used the services of the hotel is displayed. Opinions change by themselves or by using the buttons "Next" and "Previous".


In the "Blog" section you will find entries about animals, advice on care or training, interesting facts and more. The most recent blog post is displayed on the home page. To see more, just click on the "See all" box. The page will then redirect us to a separate subpage with the blog.


Finally, we have included a newsletter sign-up window, thanks to which recipients can receive information about the hotel directly by e-mail, as well as a google map with the location of the guesthouse and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.



In the footer at the bottom of the page, we have included the hotel logo, contact, links to social media and all subpages and categories that can be found on the website.


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