Implementation of the online store with interior items

Short description of the project

The online store is a place where you can buy golden accessories that will perfectly complement the interior of your home or office. Properly selected decorations play an invaluable role in creating the atmosphere of any space. This is why it is so important to choose them properly. In the store you will find candlesticks, trays and other decorations that will complete the arrangement in your room.

Website Graphics

The website graphics are kept in a minimalist aesthetic with artistic inserts such as designed cartoon graphics showing the different categories of products in the store. The website, like the products offered, is kept in a consistent color scheme, in which only three colors were used: white, black and gold. We wanted the project to look simple and exclusive at the same time.

Menu bar

At the very top of the page, the shop's artistic logo and name have been placed. The logotype was designed and created by our agency. In the menu bar there is an intelligent search engine which, after entering the phrase, shows us the products and categories related to it. We also find here a contact to the store, login panel, basket and a list of favorite products. The most important element of the menu bar, however, are the highlighted categories that navigate us through the website. After hovering the cursor over the selected category, the bar expands, showing us subcategories of products with graphics and a section of recommended products from a given category. Each recommended product has its photo, description and price.


The first view has a place for an advertising banner, with product categories next to it. Drawn graphics related to a given category have been added to each of them. Below them are graphics with descriptions informing about purchases in the store.

In the next section, products that have recently entered the store's assortment have been added. Each product is assigned a photo showing the product along with its description and price.

On the product page, we can read its description, add it to the basket, select the number of pieces, packaging or see similar products. The same is with the "Featured Products" section, which the administrator can update himself. Below, we have again added the four main categories "Accessories", "Lighting", "Furniture", "Gift Cards", which can be changed by clicking on them or by moving the arrow. For each of these categories, we have added their subcategories with graphics.

An interesting solution is "Inspirations", in which we can create product sets. After clicking on one of the inspirations, the products used in a given arrangement will be displayed. In this way, the customer can easily choose matching accessories.

The footer

The footer uses the shop's logo again. There is also a site map with all subpages, as well as regulations, links to social media and contact to the store.

Delivery and payment

The Złotomii online store has been integrated with the transfer online fast payments24 and with providers such as InPost and Poczta Polska.

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