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"Wedding car" is our next client, with whom we are extremely proud to cooperate. On the website you can rent a car for important occasions, and thanks to the reservation system simplified to only 4 steps, it is an extremely pleasant and fast activity, without unnecessary questions and difficulties. On the website, we dealt with, among other things, a graphic design that was invented and designed by us from scratch. Our activities also focused on developing a car booking system to make it simple and logical.
The website is legible and clear, we wanted to achieve the effect of transparency, thanks to which it is easy to find the perfect vehicle for you quickly and easily. The graphics that appear after loading the page refer thematically to the purpose for which the page was created, its purpose is to decorate, but not overwhelm the effect. Uniform colors and properly selected graphics have been used.
In the 4-step booking system, the first information we provide is the date of the ceremony, thanks to which we have all available cars in a given period, we do not waste time checking availability and changing the car due to the inability to choose a convenient date, it is a significant facilitation and respecting the customer's time .
Below are the steps that help you book your dream car for the selected event:

We made sure that every customer can find the car of their expectations, and the website is to help him in this. Through filters containing brands and categories of vehicles, we can adjust the car to the nature of the meeting. The categories include limousines, sports cars, SUVs, Retro cars, Helicopters and Cabriolets. In the filters we can choose the color, date and price. Intuitive operation makes it easier to navigate the website, and the harmonious colors make using the website a pleasure.
The car reservation system works automatically, after making the reservation immediately, a message is sent to the owner of the car by e-mail that the date will be booked, the car will certainly be prepared and shiny, and the driver will be impeccable.

Would you like to improve the functioning of your website and take care of its appearance? Write to us to take advantage of the knowledge and experience, thanks to which you will leave the competition far behind.

Or maybe you or someone close to you is looking for a dream car for a wedding? Book it on our website and check it out for yourself how easy it is! 



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