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Local market and promotion of your company

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            Important things in the promotion in local places are internet services, which each of us can observe and derive from the best places around the services provided by a given service. Where is the best and best to promote your business to get the trust of customers? The internet is perfect for this place. It is not worth investing in outdated marketing, focusing on leaflets and posters that irritate large passers-by and have nothing to do with increasing trust. You can take the first steps towards promotion at a low cost, gaining measurable results.


1.Google My Business card

Promotional memories on the market can attach Google business cards to my company, this is a free feature that brings great benefits. Used to enter the address and type of business of a company you can gain many new customers. Google, after a person enters a phrase related to your service, first of all the local (determined by address) company that are associated with it. In this way you will gain interest, and your name with the service and link to search pages is above the organic positions in the search. A verified business card is much more reliable for consumers, hence it generates more website traffic.

The verified Google business card also gives you the opportunity to share photos and videos 360 views, which are also promotional places. By adding a location, we promote your business in two ways, offline, by entering the address, we gain customers in the stationary store, online traffic generated on the site.

To set up a Google business card, we've described it in a separate package, you can find the appropriate link here:

2. Company website

A website is a strategic place in e-marketing, if you have questions or arouse interest in your company, you send the client to a website that presents what you do in a controlled manner. The interested person has the opportunity to familiarize with the offer of your company, while learning about promotions and news related to it.

Every business should have its place on the Internet to inform future and current customers about activities, offer and opening hours. It is a place necessary for online promotion, but it is also worth ensuring its quality and efficiency. If the site is unattractive and its operation makes it difficult, instead of facilitating contact and answering frequently asked questions, it will not fulfill its basic function. It is worth investing with a professional company that will take care of comprehensive optimization and graphic design, which in itself will be a great showcase of the company. To appear on the Internet, you simply need to present your business in a reliable and aesthetic way.


3. Engaging activities in social media

            Social media is the perfect place for promotion for local companies. As you know, they are with us everywhere, in telephones, tablets, computers, TV sets and even watches! Creating a fanpage is a must to stay in touch with stakeholders. On social networks you can easily smuggle your products or services. Direct contact is ensured by both private messages and comments under published posts, thanks to which we are able to almost solve the doubts of recipients in real time. By promoting posts, the number of clients will grow day by day, which will maximize your income and accelerate the development of the company.


4. Announcements that will attract local customers

            Depending on the industry, it is often a good step to place ads on portals created for this purpose. On most portals such as Allegro or Olx, you can provide a location that further encourages you to use the local service. There are also smaller portals focused on specific cities or districts, which through promotion support local trade and exchange of services.


5. Ads generating high profits

            Promoting local business in major portals and search engine also brings big profits. We promote our company at a low cost by selecting a specific group of recipients who are potentially interested in our business in a given location. By paying for Google Ads, we reach a specific target without losing money.

            In addition, when paying for the ad, our site appears first in Google search rankings, which increases trust and we can almost be sure that a person looking for a business related to key words will visit our website.


6. A strong position that will increase traffic on your site

            Positioning takes a little longer than buying an ad, but its effects are long-lasting and more stable. Developing a high organic position is associated with a directly proportional increase in trust among customers. Apart from waiting for effects for a long time, when we achieve a high position, its loss will not be easy, thanks to which our actions have long-term effects in which it is worth investing. Customers usually check the top 10 search queries (with an emphasis on the first) and then choose which one they like the most. It is worth investing in positioning so that the customer notices your business and wants to use the services you propose.


7. Marketing, not only online

            Although a significant portion of marketing focuses on online activities, let's not forget that offline life also matters. Not every customer is fluent in using social networking sites, so it's worth investing in the Outdoor promotion. A business card is a thing without which you do not go out for a professional business meeting, its design and performance should be careful and aesthetic, so as not to discourage stakeholders with such a potentially small but significant thing. Leaflets and banners also have a significant place in the promotion of business in public space, so you should not forget about this form of marketing that has been used for many years. Placing information on banners is especially important for promoting business among smaller communities, if the place where it is placed is busy, we are sure that our message will reach many potential customers.

            As we have presented, there are many marketing solutions, both paid and free. To keep up to date and learn more about the tool available, follow us on Facebook and read our blog! It is worth investing in a professional marketing agency that will select the best promotional tools for your company, thanks to which you will achieve the highest profits, even with the smallest advertising budgets.


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