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How to take a nice photo on Facebook?


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How to take a nice photo on Facebook?

We all want our social media to look attractive. We often try to achieve this by adding photos, which is a very good move. In order not to get lost among the scrolled pages, you need to encourage yourself with an interesting photo. The perception of potential customers about your business depends on what images you place. The photos must be of good quality, showing what we want to show and just good execution. Easy to say, harder to do? We are aware of this and therefore we will explain what the basic mistakes in taking pictures are and how to fix them quickly.zdjęcie aparatu

One of the most important rules for taking good photos is to take them straight. What does it mean to take straight pictures? This means that you should position your camera as parallel to the subject as possible. This arrangement eliminates unattractive and disturbing curves. At the same time, it makes the image attractive, clean and eye-catching.

Adequate stabilization should be ensured. Sometimes we follow the rules, but still the photo comes out blurry or blurry. It is enough to stand wider, put your hand or hold the other hand. In some cases, temporarily holding your breath will help. It is good to be calm about this. Nerves have a negative effect on a person, which also affects the taking of the photo. However, it is best to use a tripod or other stable support. It's also a good idea to use the self-timer so that you don't move the device unnecessarily while taking a photo.

Do not take photos against the light as another rule. Of course it is possible to take such a photo. However, it requires a lot of clue about shooting, the right angle, and many other factors that affect performance. It is best to do this with the light behind your back or to the side. The photographed object is then well lit and in such a position the shadows are hardly visible. With the light from the side, the photo becomes a bit of a mystery.

zdjęcie telefonuDo not use built-in flash units. Such light is detrimental to the photographed elements as it induces processes that lead to color fading. It also gives the effect of artificiality, also illuminates the face and gives illumination to the eyes. It is better to take a dark, effective photo than artificially lit with ugly illumination.

Do not focus only on the foreground of the photo. Check if there are elements in the background that will be quickly caught and will not be aesthetic in the photo. It is worth paying attention to keep the image clean. Any litter bins on the street, a pile of clothes or dirty dishes disturb the perception. A person looking at such a photo does not focus on its message, but on its imperfections. That is why it is worth spending an extra moment looking at the surroundings.

Remember to clean your camera! We rarely pay attention to the cleanliness of the lens. It may be dusty, burnished or dirty. In this case, just wipe the lens with a regular microfiber cloth or even a piece of clothing. However, you have to be careful with buttons, sliders and other decorations so as not to damage the lens. We often complain about the camera and the reason for the poor shots can be something so trivial.

To sum up, in order to take the perfect photo for social media, you do not need any specialized photo equipment, you only need a regular phone. However, you need to get acquainted with a few rules of taking pictures. All you need is the right approach and calmness to take a really good photo. We are all human and we can't always do something right. It only takes a few approaches to the subject a few times and we will be able to make a great photo.


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