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How long does positioning take and factors which affect on it?

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Positioning is a marketing activity that involves improving and strengthening search engine position relative to competition. This brings many benefits both image and financial, which is why more and more companies with their websites on the Internet are deciding on their positioning. It is a profitable investment, because often at a relatively lower cost than investing in traditional marketing forms, we gain a larger group of recipients, and thus - more potential clients.

The main question that bothers every manager is how long it takes, because by nature most people would like to immediately see the effects of SEO. The answer is not simple enough to give specific data, because positioning and its time are made up of many factors, but we will try to estimate how long these effects can be expected.


Time to implement positioning assumptions - what does it depend on?

As mentioned above, there are many factors and it is impossible to list them all, but we will focus on the most important ones, which have a real and significant impact on the time in which the effects of our investment may appear.


Domain History

Google wants to know the website and the person who runs it, its purpose, content and history. The longer the site runs reliable and valuable in the eyes of the algorithm, the better for positioning. It's worth analyzing your website's past. Maybe it had filters unfavorable for SEO activities? The filter will significantly hinder operations, because instead of starting to promote and increase competitiveness, every effort must be made to neutralize this filter first.

If the domain was previously positioned, you need to check how the process proceeded and its effects. It is possible that the previous person responsible for SEO activities was not attentive enough and instead of working in his favor, he harmed excessive or suspicious movements.

If so, maybe it's better to use a new domain so you don't start with a filter or boring history? Not necessarily. The new domain is not conducive to the credibility of the site, Google does not know what will be on it, among the competition with a long and valuable in the past content, the new site will be much worse.


On-site optimization

In estimating the time needed to position the page, it will be useful to evaluate the page for on-site optimization. The algorithm analyzes errors and under developments that need to be fixed as part of technical SEO optimization. This is due to various factors. One of them is to get rid of any problems related to Google page indexing and whether URLs and h1 have been optimized correctly. An important aspect is the internal linking structure, which checks the quality of the links and the content they relate to. The technology of the website itself is significant, so that it supports positioning and does not interfere with it, you should pay attention and remove any factors hindering its use.


Collaboration off-site optimization

Linking is an important element of positioning, valuable links enrich the site and its position relative to others, but not every link has a beneficial effect. If our website contains hyperlinks to pages containing spam or on which filters have been imposed, the algorithm automatically combines our content with those that do not positively influence SEO.

Adding links on the site generates a lot of traffic, and the more time customers spend on the site, the more it is perceived as valuable and interesting, which supports its positioning.

Not placing links is also a mistake, because their increase significantly improves the position in Google rankings, just remember that they are qualitative and checked.


Website competitiveness

At this point it is important to do thorough research, how do your website run leading competitors? How often and what value do the content add? This is a significant factor if we want to face them.

For example, by filling your site twice a week with short, not very interesting, and worst-copied texts on our site, we have no chance to compete for a position with the site that provides new entries 6 times a week, and each of them is substantive, valuable and contains a larger number characters.

An important aspect in competitiveness is defining the target group and matching passwords to it so that they reach fertile ground, but also have a chance to face other companies with similar profiles. It is worth specifying specific target groups and accurate passwords in communication and targeting, which, by limiting general statements, have a greater chance of attracting customers to your services.

If you expect quick results and reach a group that is interested in what you do, it is better to use narrower, more accurate meanings.

 grafika pozycjonowanie

Page size - positioning time frame

Depending on the size of the page, its positioning may have different times. It is not about ending activities after a given period, but seeing the first effects, which will increase along with the financial and time expenditure.

Larger pages are better perceived by the Google algorithm, they have a larger selection of content and products in their assortment, thus meeting more expectations of different recipients. The consumer wants to have something to choose from, which is why quantity matters in relation to Google rankings.

In relation to the increased visibility of the site, the most difficult to identify small online stores. It is estimated that the time needed for noticeable changes in the increase in visibility is from 2 to 8 months, this is a large time gap, because in this case a lot depends on the factors I mention in the text, but also on the topic and purpose of the page.

Small online stores in most cases have a slightly longer waiting time for sales growth. It takes 10 to 14 months to notice an increase in website traffic and sales.


In the case of large online stores, it takes about 4 to 6 months to observe the increase in visibility, without taking into account difficulties related to domain history or technical errors. The movement and increase in sales occurs after a shorter time than in the previous case, because large stores need 8 to 12 months to notice the effects of SEO activities.


The case that we can see the changes the fastest is the small local side, by narrowing the target, it is easier to specify the message so that it reaches potentially interested persons. It takes relatively less time to increase visibility, because about 2-3 months, which, compared to a small online store (10-14 months), shows how important precision is to reach a specific group. About six months are needed for the expected increase in traffic and sales.

zdjęcie do pozycjonowania


Positioning gives huge financial and image benefits, and first of all thanks to the presence in the top 10 Google searches, we get the trust of potential customers. The presence on the first card guarantees website traffic, and hence the revenue from its operation. If your site is on subsequent pages of the search engine, the chances of getting the attention of new recipients is minimal.

       An investment in internet marketing is currently one of the best feedback financial decisions you can make to expand your business and generate more revenue.

If you are looking for help in conducting conscious and thoughtful SEO activities or you want to fix the positioning errors that the previous agency did, write to us! We will gladly take your site to the highest possible position, chasing the competition away.


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